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Midcore team battler with NFT collectibles in a frost-punk world

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Bearverse is a competitive F2P gaming ecosystem with interoperable rewards.

Bearverse universe will include multiple games:

  • Bearverse Teambattler. DEMO is already available on Google Play Market! Request the beta test access [email protected]
  • Hyper Casual Game JetBear (available on Google Play Market).
  • The Last Winter — Text-based idle-RPG Discord game. The release with PvP and monetization will be available soon.
  • Bearverse Move-to-Earn AR game (In development)
  • Bearverse Tower defense (In development)
  • Bearverse Farm (In development)
  • Bearverse 4x Strategy (In development)


Bearverse is a midcore team battler with NFT collectibles in a frost-punk world.

The gameplay of our flagship teambattler has an emphasis on combinatorics — players must assemble a winning team of characters. There are a total of 198 unique NFT Bears from 6 classes and 11 clans. Bearverse Teambattler is the first game in a series of games with a single WEB3 economy and NFT characters of the Bearverse universe.

It’s a classic autochess team battle game. The core mechanic is to combine the unique attributes of Bears and find synergies that help you to beat the most difficult enemies. The layer needs to build up his winning team with the unique bears, anthropomorphic animals and go beat his opponents.

In Bearverse, your Bears will have their passive and active abilities and unique attributes, such as strength, agility, and fortitude. You will be able to breed your army combining the clan and class perks. The rarer the fighter you will use to breed, the more powerful unit you will receive. It will not affect the balance, though. We put a lot of attention to the PvP modes, making equal terms for every player. As a gamer, you must complete PvE levels to progress the story and compete in a ranked PvP afterward.


Problems of web3 gaming

For players:

  • Lack of Free-2-play
  • Heavy Onboarding
  • High entry costs

For guilds:

  • Lack of value

For Investors:

  • Unsustainable in-game economies
  • Lack of long-term utility


Competitive F2P gaming ecosystem with interoperable rewards

The solution to all the problems of Web3.0 gaming is to create a competitive free-to-play ecosystem with NFT characters and game resources where the focus will be on PvP multiplayer as part of clans (micro community of 30 people), competing players will receive P2E rewards. In-game monetization (skins, lootboxes) will sponsor the prize pool, and the prize pool in turn will motivate the clan to play more. This would constitute a closed game ecosystem.

What makes the project unique?

Basically, Bearverse is a WEB2 game with 4 revenue streams. In-game purchases (Battle Pass, skins, mystery boxes and etc.), Brand collaborations and In-game ADs will provide character shards, resources, and P2E rewards. Also, players can earn in ranked PvP battles and complete special quests. P2E will never be a significant revenue stream and should only provide value to players. Like trading Bears and resources in the marketplace.

What is remarkable with Bearverse is that we are going to “legalize” RMT (real-money-trading) market (buying in-game gold or accounts for stablecoins like $). That should provide an option to monetize players’ in-game efforts and time spent.

Business Model





Founder & CEO @ Lost Lore Games studio, Ex CSR @ EA Games, Ex CEO @ Whalesburg crypto-mining pool, 15 years in leading companies, 7 years in crypto, 3 years in gamedev, Google PM specification, VŠE, Informatika a Statistika, Praha

VFX, Mocap, Teasers & Commercials

Producer of over 100+ top music videos, commercials, TV & Films. CEO of a full service studio Productions, XR, AAA Mocap, Post, VFX & Gaming. College of the Canyons, Associate of Arts (A.A.).

Audio Director, Legal & Accounting

10 years experience in sound design, music composing and mastering. Collaborations with Jürgen Frosch ("Scooter") and Jimmie Wilson (Eurovision 2017), Hochschule Darmstadt, Sound & Music Production

CTO & Head of Operations

7 years of development experience, Ex CSR Forex worldwide, 4 years of leading the development of high-responsibility projects for banks.

Senior Unity Developer

10 years of game development experience, PlayQuantum.


Strategic Investors and Partners

Midcore team battler with NFT collectibles in a frost-punk world