WePad is migrating to Staking v2.0 with lots of new features, improvements and higher APY. Staking v1.0 rewards are off, please migrate to v2.0. Learn more in the Staking v2.0 article

Invest in early-stage crypto assets with maximum ROI!
A part of WeWay Ecosystem based on Binance Smart Chain
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What is WePad

IDO launchpad that will open new fundraising opportunities for the best crypto start-ups.

The huge experience, world-class partnerships and huge network of KOLs allow us to say that WePad will reach the world's top launchpads and provide very high ROI to projects and investors.

Full transparency, close interaction with the community and strict selection methodology will allow to launch only the top level projects. This reduces the risks for early investors to zero.

& Approach

Vision & Approach

Full transparency


  • Transparent scoring methodology.

  • Publicly available IDO reports.

  • Deep community engagement.


  • Maximum decentralization.

  • Transparent Proportional System and methodology.

  • Open-source smart-contracts and audit reports.

Extremely strict selection of projects

  • Detailed and comprehensive scoring system.

  • A top-notch team of analysts.

  • Strict AML/KYC procedures.

Community engagement

  • We’ve built a large KOLs network that generates a huge traction of investors and project users.

  • Deep involvement of our community in decision making and close communication with the WePad.

Proportional allocation model

Our model works according to two simple rules - you stake more - you get more . To make sure - follow 3 simple steps to participate in IDO and earn with us.


Stake WWY

The more you stake - the more allocation you get

More info about the amount of your allocation read in the article


Pass KYC

To be eligible to participate in IDO

⚠️ NOTE: both steps KYC and STAKING should be completed in 72h before the IDO starts


Participate in IDO


Now you are eligible to participate in IDO

Top-notch partners

Bluezilla is the exclusive incubator behind the record-breaking BSCPad, ETHPad, NFTLaunch, ADAPad, VelasPad, GameZone and many more. They can ensure a safe and successful launch of your project. Access to Bluezilla's KOLs and experience will allow the WePad to show record high ROIs.


VELAS is the world's fastest EVM Blockchain enabling up to 75000 tx/s, processed instantly, with highest security out there, at almost for free.


Сommunity driven ecosystem with 3 main products - WeAcademy, WePad and Mad Backpacks M2E game. One of the strongest blockchain KOL bases in the world. More than 500 crypto influencers united. Listed on a Tier 1 crypto exchanges. Maximum WWY token price increase - more than 1400%