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Discover the BRC-20 potential at BRC-20 DEX. Swap, bridge, leverage, and more, all in one dynamic ecosystem.

Ticker: $BD20
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
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BRC-20 DEX (BD20) — leading protocol on the BRC-20 network, designed to make DeFi trading simple and effective.

Why BRC-20 DEX?

  • Bridge: Easily and quickly swap BRC-20 tokens for currencies on EVM-compatible networks (ETH, MATIC, BNB), and vice versa.
  • Partnership with Ordinals council: Backing from an authoritative group promoting BRC-20 and Ordinals.
  • Leverage trading.
  • Zero-fee spot trading: Use DEX for frequent trading or arbitrage with no transaction fees.
  • Launchpool: BRC-20 DEX Exchange allows projects built on the BRC-20 protocol to debut their tokens and raise funds directly through the platform
  • 50% community revenue share: Every holder of the BRC-20 token automatically becomes eligible to receive 50% of the total revenue generated by the platform.
  • Availability on other DeXs: Tokens will be purchasable on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.


Core Components of BRC-20 DEX

  • Decentralized Exchange: The BRC-20 DEX Exchange offers spot trading functionality for BRC20 tokens. In the BRC-20 DEX Spot Wallet Trading, users have the flexibility to store a variety of tokens. This includes not only BRC-20 tokens and BTC but also tokens from various other blockchain networks.
  • Leverage Trading: This innovative feature offers up to 5x leverage trading to investors, allowing them to amplify their exposure to the market and potentially enhance their returns.
  • Token Staking: BRC-20 DEX provides a staking mechanism that allows users to earn additional rewards by staking their $BD20 tokens. Such as passive income, participating in consensus and governance.

What makes BRC-20 DEX Ecosystem Unique:

Decentralized Exchange & Trading Leverage: Swap selected BRC-20 tokens in spot trading, and amplify your trades up to 5x in the leverage trading section.

Cross-Chain Bridge: The BRC-20 DEX Bridge provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly mechanism for transferring BRC-20 tokens from Bitcoin to EVM networks. Users initiate the transfer to a designated BRC-20 address, and upon successful confirmation, these tokens become eligible for minting on Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (Matic). Additionally, the bridge supports the reverse process, enabling the transfer of assets from EVM networks back to the BRC-20 blockchain, ensuring a complete, bidirectional flow of assets across these diverse blockchain ecosystems.



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