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The first blockchain game that links Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, and Play to Earn mechanics into one gamified app.

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IguVerse is the first blockchain game that combines Socialize-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn mechanics into one gamified App

  • Innovative Socialize to Earn mechanic: Users can earn rewards for sharing their pet's photos on social media. P2P game mechanic
  • Mint NFT from your own pet photo. Unique NFT pet minting technology combining AI / ML technologies to identify animals on images and create NFT-look-like pictures from any possible pet photo
  • The new game mechanic Help-to-Earn has a chance to become a new trend. By playing the game, you also donate to one of your favorite animal charity organizations. Our project aims to connect animal charity with blockchain
  • Complete everyday simple tasks to replenish the Energy level of your pets and earn rewards based on your collection stats
  • Unique in-game referral system


IguVerse is a Social-Fi and Game-Fi app where users can earn rewards for completing simple daily tasks.

IguVerse intends to make a breakthrough by incorporating social and community elements into the gamified App, allowing fans of pets to earn cryptocurrency from their everyday social media activities.

Players will play a few different mini-games in our App and earn rewards tokens based on their performance and NFTs assets.

The alpha version of the App is scheduled for September 2022, when users will be able to test the mechanic of the game. Users will be able to create NFTs from their pets and complete everyday tasks, which include: giving attention to your pet (Socialize-to-Earn game), walking your pet (Move-to-Earn game) and feeding your pet (Play-to-Earn game).


  • Create NFT from your pet photo right in the App or buy a virtual one from other users.
  • Connect your Instagram, TikTok or Twitter account.
  • Complete everyday tasks to replenish the pet's Energy level.
  • Share your pet NFT on social media, walk your pet, and play an arcade mini-game to feed it.
  • Earn rewards based on your Energy level and your pet collection.
  • Earn XP, level up your pets, and upgrade your collection.
  • Share part of your earnings with your favourite Animal Charity Organization by playing a game. You can choose who you want to help.

As a result of the recent Instagram + TrustWallet collaboration, IguVerse will be fully compatible with newly released features, such as letting NFT owners share their art directly on the platform.

The most significant advantage of our concept is that players will cooperate and interact on social media with each other, leading to immense popularity and demand for the game. Blockchain economic design unlocks the ability to have complex player-owned economies and reward players who can reach advanced skill levels.


Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn projects do not generate any value: by walking or playing a game, you do not bring evaluation and growth to the project. Initial hype for Move-to-Earn has ended and StepN clones flooded the market without providing any innovation:

  • Users do not bring any value to the project by walking
  • Most of the rewards are coming from investments of previous users (pyramid effect)
  • Game mechanics are boring and requires too much time to earn
  • Users do not feel any personal attachment to their virtual items


Unique Socialize to Earn model

The Move-to-Earn model and Play-to-Earn model evolve into the Socialize-to-Earn model, which is the main mechanic of the IguVerse. By sharing special unique NFTs attached to your social media content (same as stickers on Instagram) users will spread the game very fast. This mechanic will expose the game to millions of users and their social media followers. By playing Socialize to Earn game, users are actually bringing value to the project by advertising the project on their social media.

Emotional bond with your pets

Users do not feel any emotional attachment to their digital items. However, they do feel it to their pet, even in the NFT version. People love their pets and share their photos on social media every day. We allow them to earn rewards by doing the same as they were doing for free before.

A donation as a part of the game mechanic

By playing the game, users may donate automatically between 1-100% of their rewards to the selected animal charity organization. IguVerse's primary mission is to connect blockchain with real life and bring emotions, love and value to Gamified mechanics. Users will be able to choose the organization to which they want to donate. We will connect various charity organizations: shelters, parks, foundations etc.

What makes the project unique?

Unique game mechanics: Socialize-to-Earn

Socialize to Earn is a new game mechanic where users can earn rewards for their activity on Social media, such as:

  • TikTok reels
  • Instagram stories
  • Twitter stories

Socialize to Earn tasks use the Peer-to-Peer model where players verify other players' actions, and there is no middleman between them.

After the first player posts his pet photo on social media, other players will be able to verify this task. Other players must type a unique code from Pet Identification in the App.

Few players will Verify one task simultaneously to prevent users from cheating.

The socialize-to-Earn tasks replenish part of the Energy level, and users can earn a reward based on this.

Unique AI/ML NFT visual editor

IguVerse uses ML / AI algorithms to create NFT from any possible animal photo. Players need to mint at least one NFT to participate in our game. Our algorithm can recognize animals in the image with a 99.9% success rate.

Players will be able to use a visual editor to customize their own pet NFTs.

Link to Demo algorithm:

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability is a critical issue in every Play to Earn project. Every game will eventually reach the plateau of user number growth that requires reevaluating the game economy.

The economics of the platform will be maintained by:

  • Attracting a broad audience of users: IguVerse game mechanic involves sharing on social media. Socialize-to-Earn is the main play task when users have to share small photos of their pets attached to social media content. This game will spread fast, create a viral effect, and attract many new players, as we are planning on the game launch to run a vast influencers campaign. Social media is the biggest blockchain trend of 2022: Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit are launching native NFT support on their platforms. IguVerse will be the first blockchain game to use this functionality as a core game mechanic.
  • Pool model: When IguVerse will experience a decline in users, we will change the game model to the Pool model. The incoming money from NFT mints will be added to the pool reward (daily) and distributed between existing players according to their overall share of the system. This model will decrease users' rewards and make it unpredictable but 100% sustainable.
  • Rating system: We will introduce a lot of security and verifications mechanisms. Our system will punish users who are trying to abuse the system, not completing social tasks correctly, or using fake social media accounts. Boost users who are using real social media with a big audience - these players will bring us more users. Therefore they will earn more.
  • In later stages, we will introduce the Zero-sum game model. Every user will pay a ticket in tokens to compete for the rewards. Not everyone will win, and we will charge a fee for every ticket. The prize from the pool will be distributed to a certain amount of users. This model is 100% sustainable and will give users high rewards, but it requires us to have a big existing user base.
  • Constantly adding new game mechanics and customizations: To create additional demand for in-game currency (tokens), users will have an opportunity to improve their assets, participate in competitions, or customize their pets with different accessories and items.
  • Adding new applications and mini-games: Users will be able to use earned digital assets in various applications on the platform. This mechanic will enable economic sustainability through demand from existing users and reduced dependence on new entrants to the ecosystem.

Business Model

The following game economy will guarantee constant growth of buying pressure for IGU tokens, resulting in a long-term token price increase. Playable Characters NFTs will be denominated in IGU too and, therefore, will increase in price organically with IGU growth.

  • Users will require to buy IGU to mint NFTs
  • 30% of IGU tokens will be sold and provided as the liquidity for IGUP token
  • 20% will be sold to BNB and kept in Treasury
  • 50% will be kept in a smart contract: part of them will be burnt, and the rest distributed as staking rewards to IGU stakers



Token utility:

  • Governance: IGU token holders will be able to stake their tokens and participate in governance voting. IGU token holders will have rights to take key game decisions at later stages
  • Staking: Players will be able to stake their IGU tokens to earn regular rewards.
  • Payments: Players need an IGU token to buy new Playable Pet Characters.


IGUP token has an unlimited supply and will be minted on demand when there is a need to reward players. It will be burnt for different actions inside the ecosystem: upgrades, level-ups, purchases, etc to keep inflation healthy.

Token utility:

  • Deflationary by the token burn
  • Levelling up Pets
  • Grants significant commissions/discounts on any transactions and various other powerful incentives
  • Buy Boosters and other NFT Upgrades


There are no direct competitors at the moment with the same mechanic. However, we consider every Move to Earn and Play to Earn project with a big user base to be our competitors:

  • StepN
  • Axie
  • StepApp
  • Sweatcoin
  • Walken
  • Amazy



Andriy Tkachiv

Experienced tech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2019 nomination. Former co-Founder and CTO at More than 8 years in IT & Crypto

Alex Kalinkov

Crypto enthusiast, growth hacker & marketing specialist. Created and managed one of the largest crypto communities on Telegram & Discord

Mariusz Beltowski
Technical Director

ex CTO @ Technical director and advisor. More than 8 years of experience in cloud and distributed apps. Connecting web3 apps with web2 interfaces

Vitalii Provotorov
Business advisor

Investment Banker, Consultant, Advisor. Managing Partner @ Soul Partners Investment Banking Boutique, CBD @ Kaizen Finance, 12 years of investment banking experience, crypto advisory since 2020

Daniel Paez
Advisor of Monetization and Game Economy

Building Web3 Business as Director of Monetization and Game Economy at Worldspark Studios | Ex-Blizzard/Activision/BigTime

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The first blockchain game that links Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, and Play to Earn mechanics into one gamified app