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KAIF Platform. FCFS

KAIF is an AI-powered platform where each user gets a Digital Twin to help with personal and business tasks. With the Digital Twin, users can improve their personal skills and earn rewards by completing Missions from major brands.

Ticker: $KAF
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
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The platform's unique killer tech features include social identity KAIF Digital Passport based on Soulbound Tokens (SBT), and AI-powered personal assistant KAIF Digital Twin.


KAIF Digital Passport is a digital identity based on Ethereum's Soulbound Tokens (SBT), securing and protecting user data for logging into any Web3 environment. It stores personal data, skills and experiences, medical data, and social profiles.

KAIF Digital Twin is an AI-powered personal assistant that uses data from the KAIF Digital Passport to help users improve their personal skills, education, health, and career. It provides personalized guidance and identifies growth areas using the "Life Balance Wheel," focusing on different aspects of life such as business and career, finance, health, family and friends, personal growth, and entertainment.


  • Weak technical capacity for direct dialogue with target audiences
  • Companies receive a small amount of data about their customers
  • Long time it takes to get results using existing solutions
  • Expensive to gather target audiences


KAIF Platform benefits individuals, businesses, and governments.

Individuals can use digital identity KAIF Digital Passport to log into any Web3 environment and use KAIF Digital Twin to improve and monetize their skills, education, health and career. They can also earn rewards for sharing their data and participating in various activities.

Businesses can engage communities, verified by KAIF Digital Passport, and use the platform for market research, community engagement, talent acquisition, and innovation identification, saving millions of dollars and thousands of hours.

Governments can issue Digital Passports to citizens to consolidate information about medical records, driver's licenses, degrees, and more, creating a Social Rating System. This would help make better policy decisions, improve public services, and develop effective social welfare programs.


Maksym Holovakhin

Focuses on the founding most senior team members. Experienced in blockchain development and digital business transformation

Waldemar Schlemmer

Building strong relationships with corporate companies. Real business development experience

Vadym Synegin

Impact entrepreneur, investor in fintech and crypto projects

Ihnatenko Oleksandr

High level performance in managing processes. Experienced in blockchain and software development

Alexandr Sirak

Creator of digital marketing systems with a high conversion rate