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Mad BackPacks

Find-to-Earn AR game

Ticker: $WWMB
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
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Explore a whole new world of treasure hunting

  • Mad Backpacks is a location based Find-to-Earn AR game, powered by WeWay
  • We mix advanced AR graphics, real-world exploration, and various gameplay mechanics to bring Move-to-Earn games to the next level
  • Daily-life integration: can either walk with friends, with a dog, or go to work while playing & earning
  • The Treasury will let users vote on which mechanics earn the most $WWMB tokens this month
  • Augmented Reality developed by a world-class 3D graphics studio
  • WeWay ($WWY) token is one of the top 15 tokens in 2022 with more than 50k holders and $71,5 million market cap


Discover Find-to-Earn, the next big thing in Move-to-Earn games

Mad Backpacks is a Find-to-Earn augmented reality NFT game built on Binance Smart Chaine, powered by WeWay & community

We took the top features from the Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn models to create a flexible and engaging game for users.

What’s inside?

  • Backpacks with its traits and abilities
  • AR map navigation
  • Special items & perks
  • Mini-games
  • PvP, Guilds and social interactions
  • Dual token model


Get your free backpack to start the game. You can find coins and navigate with AR by selecting an area on the in-game map. To collect your coins, throw your backpack and play minigames. PvP and more are coming soon.

Joining a guild will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. As you work together, you can capture and defend castles, control larger areas, and earn more daily rewards and bonuses.

There are no longer any special conditions for earning. You only need a phone and a backpack, anywhere and anytime.

In August 2022, MVP was launched. Purchasing backpacks, using AR navigation, and collecting coins with a "throw backpack" minigame bacame possible.

With multiple game mechanics, we provide a premium NFT gaming experience

  • Purchase, upgrade, repair, boost and breed your NFT backpacks
  • Open lootboxes to get special perks and items
  • Connect with others for PvP or Guild Tournaments, increased earnings and power
  • Capture and protect areas to store your guild coins, and get additional team rewards and perks



  • Lack of gamification
  • Lack of integration with users' daily activities
  • Individualistic rather than collaborative


What makes a project unique?

An unique Find-to-Earn model

The Move-to-Earn model has reached a mass audience, raised awareness about -to-Earn models, and enabled many people to earn while moving.

Next-generation blockchain Move-to-Earn games should be gamified and seamlessly integrated into users' daily lives.

Mad Backpacks combines the best of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn into one Find-to-Earn game.

Life integrated with games. Not vice versa.

Live, move, play and earn like never before.

What would you think if someone told you 10 years ago that you could walk, make new friends, play, and earn in the same time using a game?

You live in a world like that now. Explore your city, breathe fresh air, increase your influence and earn more.

Dual token model

There are a strong WeWay team and $WWY token behind the Mad Backpacks game.

WeWay ($WWY) token is one of the top 15 tokens in 2022 with more than 50k holders and $71,5 million market cap

We have developed long-term sustainable tokenomics that will use $WWY and $WWMB utility tokens for government and in-game purchases, perks, upgrades and more.

A revamped guild model with sustainable tokenomics aims to revolutionize P2E economic freedom for players.

Well-established token economy

Business Model

Buyback-and-Burn involves both tokens we use in the game

You can read more about tokens and usage cases in "Token utility".


There are $WWY and $WWMB tokens used in game

$WWMB in-game utility token & $WWY governance token


Yesterday it could feel novel – but today you can earn living your daily life

There were a few exploding entrants in the -to-Earn space lately. Early Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn games have done well despite little lore or no gameplay

With its engaging mechanics and rich AR graphics, Mad Backpacks provides a unique experience in Find-to-Earn gaming. Mini-games, Player vs Player (PvP), Guilds, and Tourments are expected to add longevity and complexity to the game as it develops.